Divers had two super fantastic dives this morning out at South Solitary Island!!! We headed out with minimal wind and swell and had a nice end of week break.

One group of divers dropped in at Manta Arch to complete a deep dive and the rest of the group descended at Cleaner Station. There were heaps of sharks inside of Manta Gutter!!! At the bottom of the mooring, there was a Wobbegong Shark swimming around with a Sea Urchin stuck to his belly- he must have picked the wrong spot for a snooze! There were around 12-18 Grey Nurse Sharks swimming very close to divers, showing lots of curiosity. A couple of them had a good back scratch along the bottom. Around Cleaner, divers were taken back by the amount of Nudibranchs they were able to see in such a small space!

Still buzzing from the first dive, divers were keen to descend for their second.

Everyone descended at Cleaner Station again and moseyed their way down to South Boulder. On this dive, everything was happening!! Highlights of this dive were the tons of schooling fish, more Grey Nurse Sharks, Batfish around the mooring, Painted Crays, Green Sea Turtles, Bull Rays, massive Cod, and the Banded Coral Shrimp.

Visbility: 20 metres

Temperature: 20 to 21°C

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