[vc_column width=”1/2″]Today we took Wild Fin all the way to Pimpernel Rock for the Solitary Island Marine Park to do some research on Black Cod, Fish, Grey Nurse Sharks and Debris in the Marine Sanctuary Zone that is there.
During the first dive we counted around 10-12 Black Cod and one MONSTER Queensland Groper which had to be 2.5m long!!! Pimpernels Cave which you could drive a Semi-truck through had about 10 Grey Nurse Sharks in there.
Hot cross buns for the surface interval were delicious!! thank you Lisa and Nicola
Second dive was just as amazing with 20-25m visibility, King fish, Travelly, Barracuda, Bat Fish, Fairy Basslet’s, Moray eels, Lion Fish, Grey Nurse Sharks, and Alligator Gar fish up near the surface. We even had the pleasure to see a Beautiful Manta Ray on the surface at NW Solitary Island on the way home!!!

N breeze 9Knts, 1.0m Swell

Temp – 25C
Vis – 20-25m

Current – Mild

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