30th January-2020 North Solitary

4 weeks ago

After an early start 2Wild rocketed off on a smooth trip to North Solitary. First up saw our divers drop in at Shark Mooring for a swim to Anemone Bay via the steps, along the way a large male Grey Nurse was seen, along with Nudibranchs, a Mantis Shrimp in his little coral castle, an Eastern Frogfish, and a mystery Dragonette (today’s photo, taken by our instructor Nathan) .
Following the surface interval/morning tea, 2Wild steamed around the corner to Elbow Cave for our second dive. More Nudibranchs, a Bubbleshell, Headshield Slugs, Tarwhine, Bigeyes, a pair of Scribbled Pufferfish, lots of juvenile Lionfish, Blue-lipped Anemone Fish and a large school of Pearl Pearch.
Water Temperature: 20°
Visibility 5-15m