30th June 2019 – Singing Humpback Whales Underwater

11 months ago

Leaf Fish

It was the last day for the crew from In Depth Scuba, Canberra and everyone had a blast!!
Dive one was at Buchanan’s Wall where we had a few Turtles, Black Cod, Blue Tangs, Anemone Fish and three Leaf Fish!!
Once everyone had some warm Soup, tea and coffee in their bellies from the surface interval we got in at Cleaner Station for dive two and made our way down to The Gantry!! The Deeper water at Cleaner station had a few big Grey Nurse Sharks around while Boulder wall had an abundance of life which made the drift around the corner quite pleasant.
Once at The Gantry everyone could hear the migrating Humpback Whales singing their beautiful songs at the safety stop!! Not a bad way to finish a weekend.
Thanks again to In Depth Scuba
Visibility 15-18m
Temp 20C