3rd August 2019- Great Visibility with Grey Nurses at the Solitaries

11 months ago

Cow-nose rays at South Solitary Island

Manta Arch turned it on today with great visibility.  The Divers could clearly see the bottom in 30 mtrs of water from the top, the Arch proving a great dive with heaps of sharks. Also spotted was a Spanish Dancer on the Arch Wall and a baby yellow Boxfish. Another sighting that was unusual was a squadron of Cow-nose Rays cruising around.

The swell was up somewhat, which kept our divers away from the shallow gutters with surge, but that meant that Boulder Wall was alive with fish. Divers were very happy with the conditions, that clear water making the difference.

Visibility was 20-30 mtrs.

Temp around 20c still!

File photo of the cow-nose today.