Today on the 3rd September 2020, with winds and seas thankfully calmer than predicted, we headed out to South Solitary Island for our Double Dive.
On our first dive, we headed out to Buchannans Wall. Here we saw a Cuttlefish, plenty of Wobbeygongs, and a very friendly Blue Grouper! There was a Lionfish, some Black cod, and a gorgeous Pipefish, which features as our image for today’s report – taken by our Divemaster Cassie.
The second Dive was spectacular, as we headed from Cleaner Station to South Boulder. On this dive we spotted a Moray Eel, some Eagle Rays, and plenty of schooling fish. Shark Gutters was filled with Grey Nurses! We saw 2 Green Sea Turtles having a quick snooze under some rocks between Cleaner Station Cave and the gutters, and Barney our Resident Loggerhead Turtle™ in the cave. There were 4 more Green Sea Turtles spotted on the remainder of the dive. There was a Bull Ray, Black Cod everywhere, and another pipefish (a different one this time) who makes his residence at South Boulder Mooring. We also spotted our favorite little Yellow Boxfish darting around like he had somewhere very important to be.

Conditions Report:

Visibility: 15m – 20m
Temperature: 18-19°

Where to find us.


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