4th January 2019 – South Solitary Island home to so much life!

1 year ago

Despite the sub-optimal surface conditions both boats managed to cruise out smoothly to South Solitary for some EPIC diving!

Dive one saw Wildfin’s divers drop in at Buchanan’s Wall for a memorable dive. A Grey Nurse, Green Turtle, Dwarf Lionfish and a Marionia Cyanobranchiata Nudibranch (today’s picture from our instructor Nathan) were the highlights of the dive. Meanwhile the divers from Too Wild got in at the Gantry; where Turtles, Black Cod and a Bull Ray were seen.

Dive two saw a teams-change on the moorings, with Wildfin’s divers rolling in at the Gantry and Too Wild’s divers getting in at Buchanan’s Wall.

Visibility: 10m+

Water Temperature: 19-20°C