8th January 2020 – Blue Water is Back!

7 months ago

8th January 2020

8th January 2020

Today, 0n the 8th of January 2020, the blue water was back! 😍

Our first dive was at Cleaner Station, on South Solitary Island. Today, the site did not disappoint. Visibility has increased significantly from the past week hitting about 15m throughout the dive. We spotted some Grey Nurse Sharks, and an Orangutan Crab. There was a little orange Anglerfish, and some black cod.

Dive two was a drift from Shark Gutters to the Gantry. There was a Grey Nurse spotted at the mooring, and at North Boulder along with a Turtle. There were several Bull Rays, a painted Crayfish about 1/2 way down the North Facing Wall, and a Manta Shrimp. There were plenty of Wobbegongs again, and a Blue Angelfish which is our image for today, taken by our DM Nathan.

We also ran a Snorkel Tour this afternoon with a boat full of avid snorkelers!


Conditions Report:

Visiblity: 15- 20m

Temp: 21°