8th October 2019 – South Solitary Island Marine Life Abundance

5 months ago

Bull Ray, South Solitary Island by Jetty Dive

The northern end of South Solitary Island was the pick for today’s dives to keep away from the southerly wind.
Dive one had everyone in at Manta Arch, we had a couple Grey Nurse Sharks, huge Black Cod, Lionfish and a shy little Mantis Shrimp.
Dive two we moved around to Shark Gutters and stayed there as this was the calmest spot. While we had a Navigation dive happening as part of the Advanced Open Water Course the certified divers were exploring the top end to its potential, just a few things spotted were… Grey Nurse Sharks, Bullrays, seven different Nudibrachs, Orangutan Crabs are still here!!! Wobbegongs, Green Sea Turtles and a Travelly in Cleaner Station Cave.
Visibility 10-12m
Temp 18-19C