23rd June 2017 – Shark Days Are The Best Days!

Conditions improved significantly, making Griffith Uni’s Dive Club last day memorable at South Solitary. Manta Arch and then Shark Gutters and South Boulder were today’s dive sites, with over a dozen Grey Nurse Sharks, Bull Rays, Black Cod, Lionfish, Groupers, Turtles, EagleRay, Giant Cuttlefish, Clown Triggerfish and loads of scooling fish.

Visibility 20m Temperature 20c

22nd June 2017 – Griffith University Dive Club Explores South Solitary Island!

Griffith Uni Dive Club embraced the rolling swell for a couple of great dives at South SolitaryIsland. Divers explored Cleaner Station and South Boulder Wall, while also experiencing a close encounter with a Humpback Whale during our surface Interval. Other Marine life include a few Grey Nurse Sharks, Half-Circle Angelfish, Clown Trigger Fish, Bull Rays, Black…