Truk Lagoon Dive Trip-May 2018 Report

Living WWII history again! 

This is our Truk Lagoon Dive Trip-May 2018 Report, some things don’t change from year to year, including the great diving, but Truk Lagoon has changed a bit!

Truk Lagoon did not let us down again this year, The diving was still amazing! There was 11 divers on the trip, all having a great time together.

Andrew lead the trip, and had 13 great dives including some of the deeper wrecks. No one was disappointed with the Truk Wrecks, all agreeing it is some of the best diving they have done.

It is not the easiest location to get to, Truk Lagoon was accessible from Australia leaving from Cairns, via Guam. Now it has a different route via Port Moresby in New Guinea and flying Air Nugui. That had some dramas on the return trip with a flight being cancelled and an extra night at the Gateway Motel in Port Moresby, PNG on the way home.

They stayed in the twin share accommodation at Blue Lagoon Resort, a lovely outlook over the islands of Truk. The Blue Lagoon resort is not 5 star, but was very comfortable, For a Remote location, the meals are very good, and reasonably priced.

The variety of wrecks is very unique to Truk Lagoon, the shallower wrecks, which you are still able to hit 30 metres depth on, were loaded with soft and hard corals, making it hard to see what object they were growing on. The bow gun of the Fujikawa Maru was a typical example.

The deeper wrecks are not hard to dive, they are just deep! It’s like diving in a warm swimming pool when in Truk lagoon, so, other than watching no-deco limits, it is no different to shallow wrecks.

The deep ones do hold some fantastic relics though, from Howitzer Guns and Tanks on the decks of the Nippo and San Francisco Maru to a Bulldozer and Traytop Trucks in the Hoki Maru. There is quite alot of fishlife on the wrecks, the deep ones usually have patrolling sharks and Pelagics, whilst the shallow ones have lots of colourfull tropicals.

The wreck of the Fujikawa Maru, was the first wreck we dived again this year, the toll of 70 years underwater, (and possible locals using explosives for fishing),  has caused a complete collapse of the superstructure which has covered the engine room completely. No longer does it have a spectacular engine room unfortunately. Age is taking it’s toll. Other wrecks are showing signs of degrading, but are still holding up at this stage. It may be that the Bulldozer wreck will loose it’s Bulldozer to the bottom of the cargo hold soon, lets hope it won’t happen before the next trip in 2020.

If Diving the wrecks of Truk Lagoon is on your bucket list, don’t hesitate to do it, they are starting to fall apart !

We will be going to Truk Lagoon with a group trip again in 2020, and we know a lot of the trip members this year will come again to see more. Mike and Deb will be taking that trip as they just love Truk. Even though we will see more collapsed structures, we will still see some great wrecks again!

Tank on San Francisco Maru, Truk Lagoon by Jetty Dive 3 June 2015
Ships telegraph on Shinkoku Maru, Truk Lagoon by Jetty Dive
Max in the Betty Bomber by Jetty Dive
Soft Coral covering the Sankisan Maru, Truk Lagoon by Jetty Dive
Our Trips in 2015 at Truk Lagoon!