Truk Lagoon May 2015

2 Trips planned for Truk Lagoon Wreck Dive overseas holiday in May 2015

Living WWII history again!

We just can’t get enough of Truk lagoon..

Diving Truk Lagoon is one you “Must Do” in your life!… It must be on your Dive “Bucket” List!

May 2015 has planned a 12 day trip and a 8 day trip. Agenda and prices have changed again.

Two Options in May 2015

28th April to 10th May, 19 Dives, 11 nights and airfares for $3,789 ex Cairns*

12th to 20th May, 11 dives, 7 nights and airfares for $2889 ex Cairns*

Would have to rate as the best warm water (30c) wreck diving in the Pacific, no, the world! 60 WWII japanese wrecks underwater with amazing corals and marine life.

This is a popular destination, and now available for different lengths of stay and dives.

So it is on again in May 2015!

Mike will lead the first trip, followed by Lindsay with the second. The Original plan was to have a combined trip as well, however flight changes have changed the ability to do it easily. If you are keen to have a huge stay in Truk, we can price that option to stay the two trips and gap in the middle.

If you are a diver that has thought you will get there one day. Make that day in 2015.

Truk Lagoon is accessible from Australia leaving from Cairns, via Guam to Truk. It sounds a long way, but is really just an overnight flight. We are planning to stay in twin share accommodation at Blue Lagoon Resort, a lovely outlook over the islands of Truk.

There is over 30 wrecks to dive

The Wrecks vary greatly from shallow ones with Coral galore, like this picture of Deb on the Fujikawa Maru. It shows the typical soft corals that are growing on the decks and rigging of these wrecks, sometimes, with all the growth of coral, it’s hard to pick that it is a wreck! Deb on the Fujikawa Maru!

The deeper wrecks are not hard to dive, it’s like diving in a warm swimming pool when in Truk lagoon, so, other than watching no-deco limits, it is no different to shallow wrecks.

The deep ones do hold some fantastic relics though, from Planes and Tanks on the decks of the Nippo and San Francisco Maru to a Bulldozer and Traytops utes in the Hoki Maru. There is quite alot of fishlife on the wrecks, the deep ones usually have patrolling sharks and Pelagics, whilst the shallow ones have lots of colourfull tropicals.

“Prior knowledge of the area and Blue lagoon Dive Shop is important if you want to dive the good wrecks.”

We saw first hand a group of divers from another Dive centre, diving some of the less interesting wrecks, whilst we enjoyed the best wrecks. The local guides are great, and now trust us to make the call on which wreck we dive, unlike those divers that are new to them. That is why coming with us will be your best chance to see it all!
The Blue Lagoon resort is not 5 star, but very comfortable, only minutes away from the dive sites (no need for liveaboards). Meals are good, and reasonably priced. The twin share rooms are set in lovely lawn and garden grounds, sheltered by palm trees. There is a small amount of snorkelling around the area, Kayaks are free to use and paddle to some local above water wrecks too.

Some of the easiest dives we’ve done

The diving is so easy, all guided by local Divemasters, there is no currents, no hard swimming and great short boat rides.

If you are after world class WRECK diving you can’t miss this trip. Or if you are a WWII history buff – this trip also will hold a special memory for you for the rest of your life.

If you think you want to go in 2015, we are taking bookings and followed up by a deposit in advance to the trip.

*The costs may vary with the variation in the currency (all Truk Lagoon is $USD)

The Trips to Truk Lagoon include:
  • Return flights Cairns – Guam – Truk – (flying with United Airlines during the first night)
  • Specified Nights twin share acc. at “Blue Lagoon Resort” – Truk
  • Return airport transfers in TrukHeidi in Betty Bomber at 18 mtrs
  • All boat dives in Truk incl. tanks, weights, belts & dive guide services. (Based on 2 dives / day and inc 1 bonus dive)
  • Including return airport transfers
  • 1 night at Cairns Colonial Club motel
  • Welcome drink upon check-in
  • Use of a Kayak
  • Snorkeling between dives
  • Complimentary lunch on last day of stay in Chuuk.
  • Australian departure tax


  • Truk Departure Tax USD $20 (payable upon departure in Truk)
  • Truk Lagoon Dive permit USD $50 (payable in cash in Truk)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals and Drinks

Click here to download PDF details on our 12 Day trip!

Click here to download PDF details on our 9 Day trip!

Our Trips in 2007/2009/2012 at Truk Lagoon!

Where to find us.


Jetty Dive Centre Dive Shop is at 398 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450. This is where you begin your experiences with us! All Scuba Dives and Snorkelling must check-in before moving to departure point.


All our boats leave from the Public floating pontoon wharf opposite the “Attitude Burgers “ building.

Jetty dive google maps with markers for priority locations