A lovely day for the longer trip to North Solitary. It proved to be similar conditions to South Solitary Island, in fact , South Solitary Island yesterday had better visibility. 2 dives at North Solitary and a look at North West Solitary on the way home was on the agenda.
Dive 1 today was at Anemone Bay, and amongst the masses of Anemone fish, they had turtles, large Blotched Fantail Rays, a few nudibranchs and Egg Cowrie shells.
Dive 2 was at Fish Soup, and was relatively short with a bit of current, but they had, along with the masses of fish, more Rays, nudibranchs and even a sea hare.
Dive 3 was better at North West Solitary Island, with a little better visibility. Wobbegongs, Rays and lots of fish as well as a few turtles. They were searching for Manta Rays but none were spotted.
Visibility was only 5 mtrs at North Solitary, but better with 10 Mtrs at North West Solitary Island.
Water Temp 24 to 23c

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