Aqualung Micromask X

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The Micromask X has been designed by aqualung with low volume in mind, both externally and internally. The replacement for the popular Micromask.

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Due to the popularity of the original MicroMask, Aqualung has since produced the innovative MicroMask X.

The Micromask X has been designed by aqualung with low volume in mind, both externally and internally. Aqualung has ensured with the design of this mask that the lenses sit with in the ‘ocular orbit’. This means that they are strategically sitting in the natural facial recesses for the eyes, allowing for superior vision. What results is significantly improved peripheral vision, along with a lower internal volume. Having lower internal volume means that there is less air between the mask and your face. This is beneficial as it makes equalising the pressure of this air easier, along with it being less frequent. So as you dive down – you will get less mask ‘squeeze’s.

This mask brings excellence in all areas of use, especially in freediving and spearfishing. Created with patented technology, The MicroMask X has appealed to many for it’s reduced frame bulk. This results in a lower profile, in turn reducing any unneccesary drag in the water.

The straps of the Micromask feature Aqualung’s cardiac joint buckles. These buckles allow horizontal and vertical rotation of the buckle. They are flexible and malleable but strong, allow for movement without a strain on the buckles. In addition, they have easy-to-adjust side buttons, meaning you can make strap adjustments on the go – even when wearing gloves.

The skirt of the mask is made from high-grade silicone, to mould to the diver’s face and make a comfortable, leak-free seal.

Aqualung Micromask X Features

  • Patented Micromask technology
  • Low-volume, dual-lens design
  • Cardiac Joint Buckles
  • Push-button strap security
  • Superior headpiece fit
  • Natural skirt fit
  • Tempered glass lenses.

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