Atomic Venom SubFrame Mask


The main reason you dive is to see what’s down there! The new Atomic Venom Frameless Mask lets you see more… and you’ll look great doing it.

With one window UltraClear glass,  low-volume construction and “Wicked” styling, the Venom Frameless is at the forefront of style and comfort.
Check out the new ARC Technology!


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Atomic Venom SubFrame Mask

The Atomic Venom SubFrame Mask has been specifically designed and engineered to always perform the best for any diving situation. All Venom Masks feature the highest quality UltraClear glass lenses available, squeeze to adjust buckles, and super soft silicone skirts for added comfort.


  • New UltraClear Schott Superwite glass lens with exceptional optical clarity.
  • Patented SubFrame design with hydrodynamic styling and no external frame.
  • Double-layer, dual-color silicone skirt keeps the Atomic Venom Mask comfortably secure.
  • One-window / low volume design for unobstructed forward vision and wide viewing angles.
  • Features simple squeeze-to-adjust mask strap.
  • Lifetime warranty against frame breakage.

What makes our New UltraClear Schott Superwite™ glass so special?

Before UltraClear, all dive mask lenses were made from low-quality glass, and had a visible green tint. This is caused by iron particles remaining after processing of the glass. These green iron particles significantly block light transmission through the lens, therefore decreasing your visibility in the mask. All Atomic Aquatics masks utilize a higher quality optical glass that significantly improves underwater vision, above all allowing up to 96% of light transmission.

Our NEWEST UltraClear lens in the Atomic Venom Mask is made by the Schott Glass Company in Germany, giving you the highest grade glass available. Therefore you get incredible clarity and high light transmission that isn’t available in other masks – even if they claim to be “UltraClear”

After something more “wicked”? Take a look at the Atomic Venom Frameless Mask. This all-new frame-less mask harnesses the power of multiple silicone textures and softness to create an innovative mask with wicked styling.

What is ARC Lens Technology?

Atomic developed ARC – anti-reflection coating – technology to reduce reflected light and increase the amount of available light transmitted to a diver’s eyes. This coating is a multi-layer metal oxide coating process applied to both sides of the UltraClear lenses. See the difference for yourself.


  • New UltraClear Schott Superwite glass lens. This lens provides exceptional visual clarity, and allows 96% of available light to reach the eyes
  • Patented design with Atomic “Wicked” styling and no external frame, making a striking design statement.
  • The Atomic Venom features double-layer, dual-color silicone skirt. This keeps the mask comfortably secure, without collapsing, distorting, or folding. In addition, this provides maximum viewing area, as the skirt is bonded directly to the glass which eliminates the need for a frame.
  • The “Gummi Bear UltraSoft”  silicone creates an incredibly soft yet reliable face seal.
  • The mask features one-window and low-volume design. This enables unobstructed forward vision and wide viewing angles
  • The mask strap has a simple, squeeze-to-adjust design.
  • The mask has a lifetime warranty against frame breakage.

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