Cressi Corsica Snorkel

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Dive confidently knowing you have a top of the line snorkel. The Cressi Corsica, designed for performance and comfort, an excellent choice for freedivers!

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Discover the Cressi Corsica snorkel, a highly technical snorkel designed specifically for deep freediving and spearfishing made with only high quality materials.

This snorkel offers a wide diamater, soft rubber, and foldable tube. The Cressi Corsica Snorkel offers extreme comfort as it can be easily positioned behind the head. Doing this allows ease while still maintinging an easy time breathing on the surface! Opposite to most snorkels where the mouthpiece hangs and creates drag, this mouthpiece is nicely tucked away behind your chin to offer the best hydrodynamics!

Have you ever spent a prolonged time in the water and your mouthpiece has caused irritation? With the anatomical hypoallergenic Corsica silicone mouthpiece, this is not a worry!  This mouthpiece offers more comfort than most!

The Cressi Corsica Sorkel is available in either black or white. Looking for a freedicing snorkel with similar features? You can purhcase a Cressi Corsica Snorkel in pink!

Key Features:

Flexible Tube: The snorkel features a flexible tube made from high-quality materials, providing a comfortable and secure fit while allowing for natural movement underwater. Experience freedom of motion without restrictions during your snorkelling sessions.

Hydrodynamic Shape: Designed for optimal hydrodynamics, the Corsica Snorkel reduces drag in the water, allowing for smooth and efficient swimming. Glide effortlessly through the water with minimal resistance, conserving energy for longer snorkelling excursions.

Soft Silicone Mouthpiece: The snorkel is equipped with a soft and hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece that conforms to your mouth shape, ensuring a comfortable and leak-free seal. Say goodbye to jaw fatigue and enjoy extended snorkelling sessions in comfort.

Quick-Release Snorkel Keeper: The Corsica Snorkel comes with a quick-release snorkel keeper that allows for effortless attachment and removal from your mask strap. Adjust the snorkel position quickly and securely for a personalized fit.

Multiple Colour Options: Choose from a range of vibrant colour options to match your snorkelling gear or personal style. Stand out in the water and express your personality while enjoying your snorkelling adventures.

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