Cressi Wetsuit Hanger

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The Cressi Wetsuit Hanger is a plastic resin hanger able to hold up to 22kg of weight, perfect for holding your wet wetsuit.


Cressi Wetsuit Hanger

The Cressi Wetsuit Hanger is a great sturdy hanger for wet and heavy dive gear! This heavy duty hanger holds up to 22kg of weight, and is ideal for hanging wetsuits or any other heavy suits.

These hangers are made from non-corrosive plastic resin to avoid rusting, and will support even the most industrial of drysuits without rusting!

At Jetty Dive, we use these hangers for everything! From displaying wetsuits on our shop floor and hanging all of our rental suits, to hanging washed wet suits on our drying racks, we have well and truly tested these hangers! Having such a sturdy “hook”, they wont bend or warp. The thickness on the “arm”s of the hanger more evenly distributes the weight of your wetsuit over the shoulders.

The Cressi Wetsuit Hanger is also great for hanging your undergarments. Hang your hooded vest to help it dry quicker!

Proudly family owned, Mike and Deb have run Jetty Dive Centre since 1996. Our team has developed extensive knowledge in the products we stock, as we’re out diving with them! If you have any questions or would like a personal recommendation, feel free to contact us anytime. We’d be happy to help you out any way we can!

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