Enth Degree F3 Socks Unisex


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Enth Degree F3 Socks Unisex is suitable for all water sports activities including diving and snorkeling.

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Enth Degree F3 Socks Unisex

The Enth Degree F3 Socks Unisex are more is a lot more than just a sock. It is a sock that utilizes our tri-laminate material, so it’s super comfy. It’s one of our most popular items because when you put it on you realize just how comfortable it is. Some of our staff wear these socks to keep warm in winter.

It’s a sock that’s used for water sports and can be used under a neoprene boot, or by itself in a fin. You can see that at the top it has a neoprene seal that won’t allow water inside the sock.

It took a couple of iterations to find the right design. We were already using our tri-laminate material, so it was just getting the fit right.
What took the most time was getting the cuts right. The important part is getting the heel right. Getting the seam above the heel assured us that no pressure was on that seam therefore no damage would occur.

Two pieces of flat material sewn together is the most common sock pattern out. We used a pattern to conform to the shape of the foot, then another to conform to the Achilles heel and we put a lot of effort into getting that right.

Technical and Design Features:

  • For use as stand alone or underneath any Aquatic Shoe
  • Keeps feet warm in both above and below water situations
  • Super Comfortable 4-way Stretch for ease of donning
  • Neoprene ankle seal keeps water ingress to a minimum during use
  • Fernotherm3 tri-laminate construction offering, moisture wicking and anti wind-chill properties
  • UV 50+ sun protection

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