Oceanic F10 Freediving Watch

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The Oceanic F10 Freedive Watch was designed by freedivers for freedivers.

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The Oceanic F10 Freediving Watch was designed by freedivers, for freedivers. It’s equipped with everything you’ll need for your deep breath dives. It also features a surface recovery timer, elapsed dive time alarm, depth interval alarms and a detailed history mode. This all makes it ideally suited to all types of breath-hold diving. The f10 is excellent for spearfishing or freediving, whether recreational or competitive.

When in Freedive mode, the watch displays depth and elapsed dive time, with access to either a pre-set countdown timer or a lap timer. These features are accessible either on the surface, or underwater. It has a user-defined surface recovery timer, repeating elapsed dive time alarm, repeating depth interval alarm, and 3 max depth alarms. These alarms have both flashing LED and auto-backlight illumination on the watch.

The F10 features a 99 dive log in history mode, with max depth, elapsed dive time, and surface interval.

In watch mode there are several functions including alternate time zone, chronograph, daily alarm, and countdown timer.

Oceanic F10 Freediving Watch Features:
  • Max Operating Depth: 330ft (100m)
  • Alarm Indication: Audible, Led, Alpha Numeric, & Backlight
  • Backlight: Push button (user defined duration)
  • Depth Alarm: 3 Set Points – Descent only
  • Log + History: 99 Dives (View by day or all)
  • Sampling Rate: 1 second
  • Audible Alarm: Elapsed Dive Time (EDT) & Depth Alarm
  • Count Down Timer: Countdown Alarm + Auto Reset & Repeat
  • Activation: User Set (Wet or Pressure/Depth)
  • Surface Recovery Timer: Yes (User-Set Interval)
  • Repeating Depth Interval Alarm: Yes
  • Repeating Timer: Yes
  • Run Timer: Yes
  • Salt/Fresh water: Yes
  • Altitude Adjustment: Yes
  • Diver Replacable Batteries: Yes (Cr2430)
  • Warranty: 5 Years

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