Suunto Dive Computer Air Transmitter

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This Suunto Wireless Air Transmitter is suitable for all “D” series wrist watch  dive computers (Excluding the D5) and the Vyper Novo computer.

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Suunto Dive Computer Air Transmitter.

This transmitter suits D series computers and Vyper Dive Computer except the D5 and Eon Computer. With the Suunto Dive Computer Air Transmitter, you can monitor tank pressure and air consumption data at the same time as you monitor depth and time – directly from your wrist.
The Suunto Transmitter also enables your compatible dive computer to show an estimation of the remaining air time throughout your dive. With a transmitter connected to your D series Suunto computer you have everything needed to be monitored on your wrist. No need to monitor your Air Pressure Gauge as the air pressure is on your watch! However, we recommend having one fitted as a redundancy back-up. We have them fitted and tuck them away in our BCD as back-up.
Real-time air consumption is also stored in the computer’s memory so you can track your consumption from dive to dive. This will also allow you to monitor Surface Air Consumption (SAC) rate.
The pressure readings from the Suunto  Transmitter are displayed both numerically and graphically on your dive computer.

Which Suunto Dive Computer works with the Transmitter?

Compatible with Suunto DX, Suunto D6i, Suunto D4i, Suunto D9, Suunto HelO2, Suunto Vytec DS, and Suunto Vyper Air dive computers. Green blinking light indicates when the transmitter is ON (sending data packets to the dive computer).Battery life is approximately 2 years (at 100 dives per year)

In order for the Transmitter to work, it is connected to the regulator through the High Pressure Port on the regulator first stage. The Transmitter can be connected directly to the first stage or via a short High Pressure hose which is available specifically for this purpose. Which way is best? Well that depends on the design of your first stage and the location of the High Pressure port. Please Note, you will need a first stage with 2 high pressure ports to retain your air pressure gauges as well as your Transmitter. If your first stage has only one port, you will not have a redundant gauge, which may not be advisable.

The difference between a Suunto Transmitter and Suunto Tank Pod.

The Transmitter works on a number of frequencies, they can be switched to avoid crossover from other Suunto computers nearby. This is the difference between the D series wireless transmitters and the Tank Pod used on the D5 and Eon computers. It is probably explained better with this video. Check out this Youtube video

The Suunto Wireless transmitter is not suitable for the Eon or D5 computers. Use the Suunto Wireless Pod

The latest full size Suunto Vyper Novo computer is also compatible with this transmitter.

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