Oceanpro Lennox Hybrid BCD

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The Oceanpro Lennox Hybrid BCD is the supreme option when it comes to chosing an all-roud BCD for scuba diving!

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The Oceanpro Lennox Hybrid BCD is the supreme option when it comes to chosing an all-roud BCD for scuba diving! Whether you’re diving the tropical waters of Queensland, exploring the kelp beds of Tasmania or hunting crayfish in Western Australia, the Lennox Hybrid is the best choice for all-round diving!

The Lennox Hybrid is built on a hybrid air cell system. Comprising of 70% lift capacity coming from a rear air cell, the remaining 30% comes from the side lobes. The rear inflation allows you to dive with freedom of movement and fantastic trim. Additionally, having both rear and side inflation gives you the support on the surface to sit vertically, while staying dry!

Additionally, the side pockets on the Oceanpro Lennox Hybrid BCD makes for heaps of extra storage space. Have any slates, SMB’s, torches, or secndary equipment? Dont worry, with the side pockets you’ll never run out of storage room!

Tired of diving with a weight belt digging into your hips? Say goodbye to bulky weight belts and hello to our quick-release integrated weight system! Integrated weight systems ensure your weights are where they need to be. Furthermore, another beneficial feature is the assitance it gives in finding good trim!

Welcome the backpack that has your back! The backpack includes a sturdy rear frame for securing your Scuba tank. The rubberised rank grippers and robust tank cam strap make certain that your tank will never come loose from your scuba cylinder! Looking at fine-tuning your buoyancy? Add the trim pockets included from the factory and allow the additional weight to balance the weight of your tank! 

Multiple D rings are attached to the Lenox. These solid D rings are for securing things like catch bags, coiled lanyards, or drop weights! Undoubtedly, these rings in addition to the pockets of the BCD will never leave you short of storage! 

Overall, the Australian designed and developed Lennox Hybrid BCD is a feature rich value for money BCD designed for Australian divers exploring the varied diving conditions we have around the country

Features & Benefits:

  • Hybrid Aircell system
  • Integrated weight pockets 
  • Large side storage pockets 
  • Integrated Knife OceanPro BCD knife mounts
  • Tank trim pockets
  • Rubberised tank grippers
  • Stainless steel Drings mounted around the BCD 
  • Daisy chain attached net on shoulder straps
  • Wide range of sizes / Lift capacity: XS-M 34 lbs, L-2XL 46 lbs
  • Australian owned and designed

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