OceanPro Wrist Slate

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Conveniently shaped wrist slate to fit your wrist.



OceanPro Wrist Slate

This OceanPro Wrist Slate is a great addition to a diver’s kit. It’s moulded to fit the contours of the wrist, whilst still being incredible functional for use during your dive.
It has three “pages” of the slate, which provides ample writing room for throughout your trip, whilst still being lightweight. It comes with a graphite pencil, which is attached to the slate on an elastic rope, thus meaning you wont lose it whilst diving.

This is a great piece of equipment for scuba instructors, dive masters and leaders or researchers, as it provides a method of communication, and a surface that doesn’t get in your way.


  • This slate has a velcro wrist strap and two bungees for easy attachment.
  • Multipage, lightweight, and ergonomic slate.
  • A curved design that fits comfortably around the wrist.
  • Multiple 3 in 1 layers.
  • Pencil with safety leash
  • Left or right hand configuration


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