Padi Diver Knowledge Workbook – Japanese

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Padi Diver Knowledge Workbook – Japanese

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Padi Diver Knowledge Workbook – Japanese is a guided approach to understanding recreational diving.

The Diving Knowledge Workbook is a self-study guide to help evaluate and enhance your understanding of the most important aspects of recreational scuba diving.

The Diving Knowledge Workbook will be of interest to anyone with a desire to learn more about the academics of diving. Specifically, Advanced Plus students can use the workbook to meet their diving theory requirement. It’s an ideal resource for PADI Divemaster candidates who, at the discretion of their PADI Instructor, may use it in place of certain required academicd lectures. Instructor candidates will also find the workbook to be especially useful when preparing for the dive theory exams that are part of the Instructor Examination.

The question and answer format of the Diving Knowledge Workbook has been designed to give you more than just the corect answer to each question. It helps you to determine your level of understanding and to analyze the reasons for any incorrect responses. You’ll also find references to other PADI texts, so you can go back to the source when you’re not completely confident of your knowledge in a subject area.

This workbook is in Japanese.

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