Silicon-Rubber Snorkel Keeper


Keeps your snorkel in place.



Silicon-Rubber Snorkel Keeper

This OceanPro Silicon-Rubber snorkel keeper is a must have addition to any spares kit. It’s one of the most simple things out there but could be a big saver in the case of an emergency snorkel situation! And at only $2 you don’t have an excuse for keeping one of these around.

This snorkel keeper is simple – it’s a figure 8 style. One side of the keeper slips over your snorkel, then looping through your mask strap. You can then secure the snorkel by slipping the loop back onto the snorkel again.  It’s best to use the first loop as the “bottom” loop to make the installation process easier. With some snorkels that have a flexible tube towards the mouthpiece, you can remove the tube to make attaching the snorkel keeper easier.

Great if you have trouble with the hard plastic ones, if you’re kids are good at breaking things they shouldn’t be fiddling with, or  even just if you prefer the flexibility.

The keeper is made from durable silicon-rubber and comes in clear.

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