Oceanpro Woolamai Kids Mask and Snorkel Set


The Woolamai kids Mask and Snorkel set is an excellent kids snorkelling set for the little ones, with some awesome features!

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The Woolamai Kids Mask and Snorkel Set is an awesome little snorkelling set for kids and juniors! Consisting of a gorgeous mask with an adjustable strap and a ‘dry’ snorkel, the set is user friendly and looks good for the kids too! Additionally, The set comes in a handy storage bag that fits everything in it, with a mesh bottom to help drain water out as you’re on your way to the next adventure!



The mask is made with a liquid silicone skirt, ensuring a water-tight seal on your kids face to prevent leaks! This silicone quality means the mask will retain it’s shape and stay comfortable over time. The mask buckles are easily-adjustable where attached to the strap. The lenses of the mask have a slight tint to them, which not only looks nice but helps filter out a bit of glare and brightness when outdoors!

The mask is made with a silicone skirt and strap, and tempered glass lens.


The Woolamai Snorkel is packed full of features! It has a one-way valve (a ‘purge’ valve) on the bottom, which can help drain water out of the snorkel if it does get in. If your kids are more advanced snorkellers, or good learners, they can also clear the snorkel with a quick burst of air out of their mouth, which will force the water out of this one way valve. On the top of the snorkel there is a ‘dry valve’.  This has a component that floats, so if kids dive under the water this floating component seals off the top of the snorkel, preventing water ingress. These features are great for helping keep the snorkelling an enjoyable experience for the kids! Plus the snorkel has an easy to use clip to attach it to the mask, so you don’t have to waste time fiddling around with finicky clips.


  • Silicone mask to retain fit and softnes
  • Tinted lenses to reduce glare at the surface
  • Snorkel has dry bobber top with splashguard
  • Purge has one-way seal for easy water clearing
  • Replaceable snorkel mouthpiece
  • Available in Lilac or Ocean Blue
  • Reusable Bag

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