X-Adventurer Camera or GoPro Tray TR04


X-Adventurer Go Pro Action Camera Tray and Handles is an ideal set of handles to use underwater to get smooth and stable footage using Go Pro’s and Action Cameras. Price includes GoPro Mount which is an extra option.


X-Adventurer Camera or GoPro Tray TR04

X-Adventurer Camera or GoPro Tray TR04 is an ideal tray and set of handles to use underwater. With the TR04 you can get smooth and stable footage using Go Pro’s or small underwater camera’s and their housings. This would be great for cameras like the Olympus TG6 and it’s housing, and of course any of the Go Pros. The tray provides a great base for your underwater lighting solution.

The TR04 has a wide grip with two flexible handles. This means you can adjust your handles to fit however you want to hold them, whilst the base plate gives you more stability to your camera and in return, better quality footage. The Base tray and handles comes with a GoPro tripod mount (to attach your go pro) screwed to a Tripod style screw mount.

The two flexible arms give you the option to attach your dive video lights right onto the arms, thus making it a potentially cheaper option. Due to the flexibility, you can move the lights to where you need them without the need of additional arms.

If you’re looking for some video lights to add to this, the X-Adventure M1500WRA LED video light or Sub Sabre V1 Video/Spot Light. Both would be a great place to start.


  • Set Includes: The base plate, two Tripod Mounts with standard 1/4-inch Tripod Thread Screws, and two flexible handles. We also throw in the GoPro tripod adapter mount.
  • The tray is considered lightweight and easy to handle, weighing only 360 g.
  • Adjustable Width: 195 mm to 225 mm.

Jetty Dive Crew use these systems and are happy to advise and help you build your system. Whether it’s to suit a Go Pro or a Compact Digital Camera, get your best footage with our help!

Proudly family owned, Mike and Deb have run Jetty Dive Centre since 1996. Our team has developed extensive knowledge in the products we stock, as we’re out diving with them! If you have any questions or would like a personal recommendation, feel free to contact us anytime. We’d be happy to help you out any way we can!

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