It’s a well known fact that we enjoy doing things we are good at and that the things we like to do, we like to be good at. So if you, just like us, have fallen in love with scuba diving you’ll want to be the best dive that you can possibly be. But what makes a “good diver”? what makes one diver better than another? Does it come down to the number of dives they’ve logged? How deep they’ve ventured beneath the surface or how modern their equipment is? No!!! It doesn’t – What really makes a good diver is a combination of factors and skills – and they are all skills that you can work on when you are diving with us here at Jetty Dive in Coffs Harbour.
Here are 4 top skills which REALLY make you a good Diver (and some tips on how to improve them)

  1. Buoyancy
  2. Air Consumption
  3. Buddy Contact
  4. Awareness

If you want to become a better diver, read on and we’ll take a look at these points individually.

Diving tips
Improve your buoyancy control and be a better diver

Buoyancy Tips:

Having good buoyancy is a tell tale sign of a good diver. Ideally, you should be moving around as little a possible underwater while maintaining either a consistent depth level or a consistent ascent or decent. Mastering buoyancy control can be tricky. The best way to improve your buoyancy is to practice, watch, listen and learn. If you are an Open Water Diver, we recommend taking the PADI Advanced Open Water Course which will give you the opportunity to develop your skills, build your confidence and make 5 phenomenal dives here in Coffs Harbour. If you are already an Advanced level diver and want to take a more in-depth look at buoyancy, we also offer the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course which will help you to hone your skills so you can dive like a Pro!

Air Consumption:

Have you ever wondered how your Dive Guide manages to end the dive with so much air left in their tank? Air consumption is closely related to buoyancy as well as fitness level and stress levels. By developing your skills, continuing your diving education and through doing more diving you’ll build your confidence and fitness too!

diving tips coffs harbour
Stay close to your buddy and remember the 2 second rule

Buddy Contact:

We all know that it is a golden rule of scuba diving that we always dive with a buddy.
Tip: Remember the two second rule (never be more than 2 seconds away from your buddy), so that in an emergency situation you can reach them. Keep in contact and communicate frequently for safer and more fun dives!


A good diver is always aware of what is going on around them. It can be easy to become engrossed in the reef but it’s important to be aware of where your buddy is, ensuring you don’t make contact with the reef, changing conditions and the directions of your Dive Guide.

Coffs Harbour diving
Come and join us at Jetty Dive in Coffs Harbour

Are you planning to come diving in Australia, and in particular, New South Wales? Diving in the Solitary Islands Marine Park at Coffs Harbour gives you access to stunning reefs and phenomenal marine life that easily rivals the Great Barrier Reef, so come and join us!
For more tips, information or to make a booking, please contact us on [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.
We look forward to scuba diving Coff’s Harbour with you soon!

Where to find us.


Jetty Dive Centre Dive Shop is at 398 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450. This is where you begin your experiences with us! All Scuba Dives and Snorkelling must check-in before moving to departure point.


All our boats leave from the Public floating pontoon wharf opposite the “Attitude Burgers “ building.

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