The Fish ID of our Solitary Islands Marine Park!

This section we show the different species we find in the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

The mixture of tropical fish from the Great Barrier reef and Sub-tropical fish from Sydney to southern Australia are not seen together in many places!

What we see all the time is usually quite unique for most travelling divers, and you will be amazed at the number of fish we have in the sanctuary zones of the Solitary Islands Marine Park, starting here at Coffs Harbour!

Sharks and Rays

Angelfish and Old Wifes

  • Emperor Angelfish at South Solitary Island
  • Emperor Angelfish
  • Emperor Angelfish
  • Emperor Angelfish
  • Emperor Angelfish
  • Old Wife's

Damsels and Hawkfish      Squirrelfish and Soldierfish

  • Clownfish 6 July 2015 by Jetty Dive
  • Clownfish at South Solitary Island

Butterflyfish      Stripeys     Mado

Goatfish    Bulleyes    Batfish

Flutemouth    Trumpetfish    Sergeant Bakers

Rockcod Grouper Basslets