The Jetty Dive Team is made up of a passionate and fun loving group of Divers – Instructors, Coxswains and Divemasters.


Meet the Jetty Dive Shop Staff

With a wealth of dive experience from around the world, we strive to provide Information and a level of service that is second to none. We are proud to be a Complete Dive Centre offering Online Gear Sales, Phone and Shop Sales, PADI 5 Star Dive Centre Dive training and Dive Charter Trips to the Magnificent Solitary Islands Marine Park. 


Jack of all trades Mike Davey

MikeDBefore moving to Coffs in 1996, Mike owned a Dive Charter business in Kingston, South Australia. So passionate about the sport, he even purchased, planned, and sank his own wreck, to create an artificial reef just off the coast.
A committed member of Coffs Coast community, Mike has enjoyed introducing the “other 70% of the planet” to 1000’s of divers during his career. Mike is passionate about the endangered Grey Nurse Shark, his Tech diving and now trying his hand at Videography.

PADI Master Instructor, Tech Instructor, EFR Instructor, DAN Instructor, RTO Instructor, Certified Service Technician, Master IV skipper, co-owner.


Diver Deb Davey aka “The Boss”

DebDThe crew all love Deb (and it’s not just because she pays our wages!). Deb is our diving fashion icon – that is assuming purple is fashion – when not busy making all those behind the scenes things happen which keep the Dive Centre humming along, or helping you with your selections from the shop, she does manage to still get the odd dive in at the islands. Oh, and she is also responsible for the all important Catering on the boat – just yet another reason she is so popular!

Master Scuba Diver, Financial Controller, and queen of all things purple in diving, co-owner.



Lindsay Devery aka “Kiwi”Lindsay Jetty Dive team

Lindsay joined the team from across the Tasman. Now a Major member of the team, you will find him a very helpful and a fun Instructor. Has a keen passion for diving and loves his Underwater Photography. Lindsay has moved to Coffs with his wife Sarah, and loves the warm diving of the Solitary Islands

PADI IDC Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor, RTO Instructor, Coxswain and Certified Service Technician



Andy Benson aka “Benno”andy Jetty Dive team

He is Back!. Andy is a guy who would always be prepared to do anything to help! Very keen on his diving, and has a natural urge to help people.. makings of a good Instructor! Veteran of the Philippines, Coolidge in Vanuatu and Solomons trips, just happy to mix in with the action.
Having all the skills of an all rounder, it is good to see Andrew”s back.

PADI IDC Staff Instructor! EFR Instructor , RTO Instructor, Coxswain, Certified Service Technician and really into his diving!…



Sharnee Hoe aka “Hoeee”Jetty Dive team

Sharnee has been around with us as a Divemaster for some time now. Recently completed her Instructor rating and now helping us in the shop too.Proving to be a good trainer, we are happy to have her onboard. Keen to learn new tasks, even driving boats!

PADI Scuba Instructor! EFR Instructor , Trainee Coxswain, and puts up with all the junior jobs!…




Jetty Dive Boat team

With a wealth of dive experience from around the world, we strive to provide a level of comfort, enjoyment and service that is second to none. But don’t forget to bring a smile and sense of humour!

And where would we be without those all important pool of part-time and weekend staff who are there to guarantee YOU make the most of your dive experience with us.


Globetrotter Chris Morleychris1

Anyone would think Chris and Mike are brothers, not that he looks as good as Mike, but by the way they carry on! Chris is quite often seen up to his armpits in grease working in the background in the boy’s shed! Just like migratory birds, Chris and Michelle disappear for the winter to somewhere warmer to enjoy warm water diving all year round and making sure they brew their beer right!

PADI Divemaster, Master IV skipper, Cook and Bottlewasher!


 Vicky aka “Vic”

After spending 7 years working for us, Vicky left the area in pursuit of something different. After a few years away she has returned to the area and back leading dives with us. Having a wealth of knowledge about the local area, we are happy to see Vicky back and enjoy the Solitary Islands again.

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Laura aka “Bean”

LauraLaura spends her leisure time helping us out as a Dive Instructor. Laura is keen on photography and enjoys her Scientific Diving with the Marine Science Centre. Had a problem one day with a reg, when it was being repaired, we found a Green Bean was the problem!

PADI Dive Instructor and Scientific Diver!


Matt aka “Matt”

MattMatt is relative new to diving, but has already logged a heap of dives. He just loves diving and wants to be in the water as often as he can. He’s not dumb! and has worked out as a divemaster he will do heaps! Veteran of the PNG and Coolidge trip, he has gained a lot of experience in a short time.

PADI Divemaster and a dive sick Chalky!…





Lisa is back! Another one of our staff with plenty of experience at the Solitary Islands.  After a few years away, Lisa is back and loving the Diving and Leading dives on our boat again.

PADI Divemaster, whenever she can!




Chris Jahnz aka “Young Chris”

ChrisJChris first started Diving with the Jetty Dive Team when he was 12, then through the years he has slowly made his way to become our latest Instructor. Having been raised in the area, he knows the Solitary Islands very well. Keen to lend a hand, he has all the right stuff to have a great career as an Instructor.

PADI Instructor, and adventure Dive Hunter!