10th November 2019 – Sunday dive at South Solitary Island

7 months ago

10th November 2019

Today, 10th November 2019, conditions at South Solitary Island had improved today from our dives earlier in the week. All certified divers dropped in at Manta arch and made their way to Cleaner Station, while the students descended on Shark Gutters.

There was a vast amount of marine life on both dives. Around Manta Arch, roughly half a dozen Grey Nurse Sharks were spotted, schools of Tarwhine and Silver Trevally.

As for Shark Gutters and Cleaner Station, more Grey Nurse Sharks were Spotted, Bullrays, Turtles, Lionfish and some Huge Wobbegong Sharks.

Congratulations to Greg on completing his Padi Open Water Diver  Course,  David on finishing his PADI Scuba Diving Course and Peter also completed his PADI Advanced Open Water course  with his navigation on dive 2!


Conditions Report

Visibility: 10 Metres

Water Temperature: 19°C