11th November 2019 – Monday’s are for Bullrays

7 months ago

Bullray at South Solitary Island by Jetty Dive

11th November 2019

With a lot of smoke around South Solitary Island today, 11th November 2019. South Solitary was not in sight for 80% of the journey but lucky Steve was at the helm and we made it after a smooth ride.
Both dives were at the northern end of the island as the southerly swell had kicked a little over night but it was by far the best location with lots to see and plenty of action, all the divers today had some epic experiences with Grey Nurse Sharks, Kingfish, and a large number of Bullrays!! We think on the second dive there was about 10-15 different Bullrays spread out from Cleaner Station down to South Boulder, must of been something in the water for them to all be out and active.
There was also a lot of Nudibranchs, on Nudi Wall, Barney the Loggerhead Turtle was napping in the Cave again and a couple Eagle Rays gliding in the shallows.


Conditions Report

Visibility 6-10m
Temp 19C