18th August 2019-Amazing Whale Swim morning

12 months ago

Jetty Dive Whale-Swim 18.08.19

With acute lack of divers and a report of poor conditions at South Solitary Island, a change of plans was made for the Whale Swim to take place during the morning.

A nice day on the water gave the swimmers a comfortable ride out, and out we went, to get some cleaner water in comparison to close in.

It didn’t take long and we found some whales, or should we say, they found us. After following alongside (100 mtrs off) for a short period, two juvenile Humpback Whales cruised up near the boat, even as we steered away they followed. after moving further away, the swimmers entered the water and did not wait long before the whales swam around them.

It then took over 60 minutes before we could get out of the water. The inquisitive two just came back again and again, checking them out. Visibility was not great, however, when you have a huge whale 3 mtrs from you,you don’t need it that great! All the swimmers were amazed with their antics and over the moon with the experience.