1st February 2020 – First dives of the new month!

4 weeks ago

With the new month upon us already, Wildfin headed out to South Solitary for today’s dives. First up our divers dropped onto Buchanan’s Wall. A large Green Turtle was seen, along with Scorpion Leaf fish, Nudibranchs, Lionfish, Rose Petal Bubbleshells and Spanish Dancers.

After the surface interval our divers rolled in at the Gantry where more Nudibranchs, an itty bitty Hawksbill Turtle, a Clouded Moray, Wobbegongs and a large Sidegill Slug (Photo credit to Nathan) were seen.

Congratulations to Imogen, Jackson, Mattie and Justin on completing their PADI Open Water Diver course.

Water Temperature: 19-20°

Visibility: 5-10m