29th February 2020
Today, on leap-day 29th February 2020, we saw a whale shark at South Solitary Island…
At the beginning of Dive 1, we dropped down to Cleaner Station. Just below the surface we saw our Whale Shark. This is the first time that Jetty Dive has seen a Whale Shark at South Solitary Island! Take a look at the youtube video on the bottom of this post if you’d like to see it in action.
After descending to the bottom, we made our way into cleaner station cave. Here we spotted some Nudibranchs, and a couple of couple of stingrays. We made our way over to shark gutters. Here there was a puffer fish, some moray eels swimming around rather than hiding behind some rocks and coral. We spotted big schools of tarwhine and bullseyes, and a green sea turtle.
For our second dive, we descended down to Cleaner Station again, to make our way to Shark Gutters, with one of our Divemasters taking their group to Manta Arch. At Manta Arch, they spotted 6 – 8 Grey Nurse Sharks. Back at Shark Gutters, Craig got a great photo of an Ornate Ghost Pipefish. There were 6+ Black Cod, and large schools of fish.
Surface conditions were a bit rough from the south but we were well hidden up the top end of South Solitary for today’s double dive.
Full credit of the GoPro footage goes to Cassie Windows after giving our Instructor Lindsay the fright of his life!

Conditions Report:

Visibility: 10m
Temperature: 25 °C


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