4th November 2019 – Start of the week South Sol

11 months ago

4th November 2019 Dive Report Moray Eel

4th November 2019

Today, 4th November 2019 we had a bit of a bouncy trip out due to yesterday’s windy conditions. Nonetheless, we we’re excited to get out for our first day’s diving of a new week.

Our first dive today was at Buchanans Wall. Unfortunately to start out our visibility was a little low. We saw Black Cod, Moray Eels, turtles and schools of bullseyes.

After our surface interval and morning tea, we ventured up to the top end.

All divers dropped in at Shark Gutters, where visibility was slightly better for dive number two. We saw two Grey Nurse Sharks, schooling fish, tarwhine, blue fusiliers, pomfreds. We also spotted down the wall a hawksbill turtle, and a lonely octopus on south boulder.


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Conditions Report

Visiblity: 5/10 Metres

Water Temperature: 19°C