8th November 2019-North Solitary run today.

7 months ago

Fish Soup Grey Nurse shark

8th November 2019

An early start to North Solitary Island today, 8th November 2019, gave way to some nice conditions at Anemone Bay. Dropping in at the Steps and moving into the bay, whilst visibility was not great, they were good enough to have a great dive with plenty to see. Everything from Grey Nurse Sharks to Clownfish in the carpets of Anemones across the bay.

Dive Two was decided to be in Fish Soup, which held up to it’s name. A surprise to us was a couple of Grey Nurse Sharks cruising through the myriads of fish varieties in the boulders. Our divers had so much to look at, although the visibility was reduced to 10 mtrs. Picture is a Grey Nurse coming in to see what is going on.

North Solitary Dive Trips are planned to be run during the summer months every weekend. It will however depend on sea conditions and numbers.


Conditions Report

Visibility: 10-15 mtrs

Temperature:  19c