11th June 2022 – Grey Nurse galore

Winter historically brings some excellent diving to the Solitary Islands and today was no exception. Our friendly grey nurse sharks have made their way back into the shallows of South Solitary. Today our divers were able to get up close with 50 or more grey nurse as they gracefully patrolled the northern end of the … Continued

30th January 2022 – LEOPARD SHARKS!!!

There was no better way to spend the day than underwater at the Solitary Islands. While Mega Wild stopped off at South Solitary, 2 Wild ventured further north to North Solitary Island. The visibility at both islands was a magic 35 meters and 26 degrees. Our North Solitary divers explored Anemone Bay and Fish Soup. … Continued

29th January 2022 – 25 Degree Water at South Solitary

We had a bit of a gloomy start for our dives at South Solitary Island, but the heavens eventually opened later in the morning. Dive one was at Cleaner Station, we had Bullrays, Lionfish, Juvenile Emperor Angelfish, tiny Yellow Boxfish, Wobbegongs, Moray Eels, and loads of Nudibranchs. Dive two was a one-way swim from Manta … Continued

25th January 2022 – Summer Diving at The Solitaries!

With the visibility on the improve and the additional current, South Solitary Island was thriving with life today! Dive one saw some of our divers explore Manta Arch where we spotted half a dozen or more grey nurse sharks who were happily patrolling the area. Using the current to our advantage, dive two was spent … Continued

26th December 2021 – Sensational South Solitary Island!

With both of our boats loaded with excited divers we made our way to South Solitary Island for two very spectacular dives today. Our divers had an action packed dive one, getting up close and personal with dozens of grey nurse sharks at Manta Arch and the back gutter. Dive two was spent enjoying Shark … Continued

18th December 2021 – Amazing Conditions at the Solitaries!

There was no better way to spend the day than diving at the Solitary Islands! While 2 Wild ventured to North Solitary Island, Mega Wild stopped off at South Solitary Island for two awesome dives. The visibility at North Solitary reached 35m in some locations. The warm, clear water brought in all the tropical marine … Continued

30th November 2021 – Blue water at the Solitaries!

Arriving at South Solitary Island this morning we were greeted with warm blue water! Dive one was spent enjoying the northern end of the island. Grey nurse sharks, black cod, huge schools of tarwhine and goatfish plus a pair of pineapple fish made up just some of the highlights. Taking advantage of the slight current, … Continued

25th November 2021 – Divers love the Solitariers!

Loaded with excited divers, Mega Wild made our trip out to South Solitary Island a breeze! Sheltering from the freshening northery wind, Buchanan’s Wall made the perfect site for dive one. The Wall was busy with life, black cod, nudi’s, wobbegong sharks and a pair of banded coral shrimp made up just some of the … Continued

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