26th June – Fantastic Weather & Weekend of Whale Watching

A great weekend of weather and beautiful sea conditions for Whale Watching this weekend. To top it off, we had Mega-Wild running 3 trips a day for the whole time, giving lots of people the opportunity to see whales and use their Dine and Discover vouchers. You have until June 30th to contact us and … Continued

24th June 2022-Great Weather-Great Whale Watch

Another perfect day for whale watching today. A little fresh in the morning but clear and sunny with flat seas. The Whales did not disappoint us either with another trip with jumps and slaps to impress our happy customers. Here is another shot from Ash with Split Solitary island in the background.

23rd June 2022-Whales are everywhere!

Last 3 days of Whale Watching have been great with numbers increasing daily. Today’s trip are typical of the last 3 days with breaching and slapping of Tails and Pectoral Fins. “Mega Wild” is proving to be very popular with our customers, giving great views, even when we have the seats full! Apart from getting … Continued

16th December – Picture Perfect Thursday, above and below

Todays dives were just what the doctor ordered! Both boats with divers and snorkellers enjoying a great morning. “2 Wild’s” divers started the morning at Manta Arch with some excellent blue water under a slightly greener surface. 35 mtr vis with 30 odd Grey Nurse Sharks at the arch and sandy bottom nearby was just … Continued

The most whales we have had Mug our boat!

Today’s  Whale Watching trip has gone down as the most whales we have seen up close to our boat. To the delight of our lucky customers, we had a quick trip out off the harbour to some whales breaching and pectoral slapping. No sooner than we arrived near them, they moved towards the boat and … Continued

10th April 2021-Sunny Saturday with Grey Nurse Sharks

Condition on top, improved considerably today, with the swell dropping overnight. Visibility had not improved at all although it was cleaner at the Arch compared to the other side of the island. Again a dirty layer of water is over the top of cleaner, deeper water. On Dive 1, “2 Wild” with the certified divers, … Continued

28th March 2021 – Great weather for North Solitary

A lovely day for the longer trip to North Solitary. It proved to be similar conditions to South Solitary Island, in fact , South Solitary Island yesterday had better visibility. 2 dives at North Solitary and a look at North West Solitary on the way home was on the agenda. Dive 1 today was at … Continued

30th January 2021-Bumpy but Beautiful Warm Blue Water

A change in wind to the south made for a bumpy ride out, but the divers were met with some nice warm blue water when arriving at South Solitary Island. Whilst surface conditions were not calm and a current was still running, underwater was quite OK and lots of fish were schooling around in the … Continued

14th January 2021 – North and South Solitary Island Dives

We made the most of the beautiful weather condtions today and had 2Wild fly up to North Solitary Island while Wildfin went to South Solitary Island. At North Solitary we dived Anemone Bay and Fish Soup, where we had lots to see including a Leopard Shark, Mantis Shrimp, Anemone Fish, Leopard Blennys, a little Painted … Continued

13 January 2021 – Open Water Divers Experience Shark Diving

South Solitary Island again turned it on for all our divers today. Manta Arch/Back Gutter and the northern end of South Solitary Island were the picks for today and although the visibility had dropped a little, the marinelife was still amazing. The Back Gutter had 10-20 Grey Nurse Sharks, Nudibranchs, Black Cod and some Moray … Continued

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