Coral Sea and Cod Hole Barrier Reef Trip.

With a low exchange rate, this makes Australian travel a great option for Dive Holidays. Take the tour of a lifetime with us on the Coral Sea and Cod Hole Barrier Reef Trip aboard the luxurious “Spirit of Freedom”.
Sleek and spacious, the ‘Spirit of Freedom’ offers the best in live-aboard diving, cruising to the Coral Sea and Cod Hole at the Ribbon Reef area of the Great Barrier Reef. This trip starts on October 30th 2017 and will take you to arguably the best of the Barrier Reef, far away from the day-boats and then to spoil you even more, taking you 120 miles offshore in the Coral Sea to Osprey Reef, where the walls emerge from 1000 metres. This is the best reef that Australia can offer. Here you will experience amazingly clear water, masses of corals, Reef Sharks, Whalers, Hammerheads, Mantas and big fish action.
Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea has it all, with Shark action on the Shark Feed dive and Coral covered walls that drop into the Abyss. There, the visibility is at the least 30 metres and usually much more. You have the option to choose if you want to do the whole 8 day trip, or a part of it, either Coral Sea or Barrier Reef and fly to and from Lizard Island.
The Spirit of Freedom is well appointed and has the service to spoil you to 5 Star level. Most nights of the trip are sheltered behind coral cays, ensuring smooth seas and comfort on-board is at a premium. We have specifically selected November as it has the best record for incredibly flat seas.
All diving and chef prepared meals are included along with a wine with your evening meal. The cost is based on quad share and twin share is an additional upgrade.

Three options on the one trip.

The trip cam be a combination of 2 different sections, either taking just one of them, or both to do an 8 day Adventure.
Firstly is 4 days on the Barrier Reef including the Cod Hole from $1750 per diver, This includes up to 11 dives 3 nights accommodation and a low level return flight to Cairns.
The second part is 5 days out to the Coral sea to Osprey and beyond. This includes up to 15 dives and 4 nights accommodation and a flight from Cairns if you just do this section. This is a cost from $2125 per diver.
We plan to do the whole 8 day adventure at a group deal of $3625 per diver. This includes up to 26 dives and 7 nights accommodation. It starts and finishes in Cairns. The Coral Sea and Cod Hole Barrier Reef Trip is booked at group rates, which needs to be finalised by Nov/Dec 2016, so if you wish to come along, give us a call early and we will book you in! (we may loose the ability to book rooms if you leave it too late!)
For us it is a trip we always wanted to do, doing it in Oct/Nov 2017 makes good sense, so come join us!
More info and a flyer on the trip is on the Coral Sea and Cod Hole Barrier Reef link
Happy diving from the Jetty Dive Crew 🙂

Where to find us.


Jetty Dive Centre Dive Shop is at 398 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450. This is where you begin your experiences with us! All Scuba Dives and Snorkelling must check-in before moving to departure point.


All our boats leave from the Public floating pontoon wharf opposite the “Attitude Burgers “ building.

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