To celebrate the launch of our brand new website, Jetty Dive is hosting a photo competition throughout May 2022 with big prize offerings for avid divers. Interested? Keep reading.

With the mastery of local Coffs Harbour small business Coast Studios, we have been working very hard on the brand new look After bringing in our brand new boat into the picture July 2021, we wanted to ensure the online experience of Jetty Dive matched up to “mega” standards. And to celebrate, we want to give you the opportunity to win big by entering Jetty Dive’s Mega-May photo competition.

Something we always want more of is spectacular imagery and video of the beautiful marine life at the Soiltary Islands. As camera technology improves, so does underwater photography, and we love seeing your images. More importantly – we have a few holes in our underwater photograph archives that we want to fill… and that’s where you come in.

Jetty Dive’s Mega-May photo competition

We’re looking for quality photos or videos of:

  • A grey nurse shark WITH a leopard shark
  • A grey nurse shark WITH anenome fish
  • 10 Grey nurse sharks in one image.
  • 3 Grey Nurse Sharks (or more) with a diver/divers

taken in May, on a trip on our boats to the Solitary Islands Marine Park, to be used on our website and for promotion.

What do I win?

This is the fun part!

Major Prize (For a quality photo or video of a Grey Nurse Shark with a Leopard Shark) – 5 days of diving (10 dives) with Jetty Dive Centre

The big prize! 5 days with us, on our world class boats, diving the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Valued at $925

2nd Prize & 3rd Prize (For a quality photo or video of a Grey Nurse Shark with an Anenome Fish OR A quality photo or video of 10 Grey Nurse Sharks) – 1 day of diving (2 dives) with Jetty Dive Centre.

1 day with us for a double dive, on our world class boats, diving the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Valued at $185 each

4th Prize & 5th Prize (For a quality photo or video of 3 or more Grey Nurse Sharks with a diver/divers) – 1 HALF PRICE day of diving with Jetty Dive Centre

1 day with us for a double dive, on our world class boats, diving the Solitary Islands Marine Park, for half the price. Valued at $185 each

What do you mean by “quality”?

Great question! Photography can be subjective, and final judging is up to Jetty Dive Centre – but there is a few things that we will be looking for.

  • Think publication quality. We will be using these images on our website and through promotion. Take a look through our website to get an idea of what quality of image is our standard. Pages like this, and this are great examples.
  • The photo must be clear. It needs to be focused on the main subject of the picture. Because we’re talking about images featuring multiple subjects, this can be a little tricky. But we basically need the image to be in focus. If you’ve snapped a killer shot of 10 sharks, but 2 of them are further in the background and not suuuper clear – that’s okay. But if you’ve got a picture of a leopard shark and a grey nurse, but the image is focused on the gorgeous rocks to the right, that is not what we define as quality.
  • The image must have appropriate exposure. Not too dark, not too bright.
  • The image should not be over edited. ie. colour corrected.
  • They must be of real animals, underwater, on a dive with us.
  • No watermarks, please.

How do I enter?

Simply send us your photos, alongside the date of the charter you took them on.

Send all entries to [email protected] :

  • Subject Line – MEGA-MAY 2022
  • Your name and contact number
  • The date(s) you were diving with us
  • And don’t forget to attach your photo.

Competition Conditions

ie. the fine print.

Competition running from 1/05/2022 – 31/05/2022. Photos must be taken from a dive charter with Jetty Dive, from Jetty Dive Centre boats. Photos must be taken within the month of may to quality. It must be of quality that can be used throughout Jetty Dive Centre’s website, social media, and other promotion. Once winning photos have been selected, they may become a part of Jetty Dive Centre’s website or advertising materials with or without credit of original photographer, and will become Jetty Dive’s intellectual property. All judging of prizes is at the discretion of Jetty Dive Centre. We reserve the right to alter or withdraw competition at any time, for any reason.

Oh and most importantly – have fun and dive safe!

About the Author

Tara is Jetty Dive’s Office Manager and IT Lady, Social Media Queen, Crazy-Fish-Lady, and as she likes to say – “Self-Appointed CEO”. You’ll find her sitting at her desk surrounded in pink, but happiest either on or under the water.

Tara on Mega Wild, with a grin on her face

Where to find us.


Jetty Dive Centre Dive Shop is at 398 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450. This is where you begin your experiences with us! All Scuba Dives and Snorkelling must check-in before moving to departure point.


All our boats leave from the Public floating pontoon wharf opposite the “Attitude Burgers “ building.

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