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2024 Update

The Oceanic VTX Dive Computer is no longer available, however there are other options on the market with the features that made this computer great! Each of these computers have a bigger screen, along with nitrox compatability. They can all connect to your phone to sync your dives, with bluetooth functionality.

If you are looking for a computer with a large colour screen, we have three options for you (In order of most expensive, to least expensive at the time of publishing this edit):

  • Shearwater Perdix 2 has a user-replacable battery! You can use AA batteries for up to 40 hours of diving time, or purchase a SAFT LS14500 battery for up to 100 hours! Supports up to 4 wireless air transmitters, has a 2.2″ display (slightly larger than the Eons). A more technically inclined dive computer, it is rated to 250m depth.
  • Suunto Eon Steel – Very similar to the Eon Core, but with a hardier steel casing. Can bluetooth your dives straight to your phone, and comes with a charging cable to recharge the battery. Compatible with wireless air pressure transmitter pods, and can connect to up to 20 pods. Has approximately 40 hours of diving time with one charge, and up to 20 gasses.
  • Suunto Eon Core – A feature-packed computer that can bluetooth your dives straight to your phone. Comes with a charging cable to recharge your battery. Battery lasts between 10-20 diving hours with one charge. Compatible with wireless air pressure transmitter pods. Switch between 10 gasses and connect to up to 20 pods.
  • Shearwater Peregrine is rechargable, with battery up to 30 hour life on medium brightness. This model does not support air transmitters. It does feature depth rating of up to 120m.
suunto eon steel black with pod
Suunto Eon Steel Black with transmitter pod

Oceanic VTX Dive Computer product review

June 20th, 2016 – By Mike Davey

When it was time to upgrade my Oceanic VT4 dive computer, I jumped at the opportunity to get the Oceanic VTX Dive Computer. After 10 months of use, I love the easy to use features and find it simple to understand, and yet I have a great full featured Wrist Computer.
It’s colour OLED screen is the first thing that makes it easy to use. Clear information in Colour just makes it simple to follow. It has a battery saving feature that dims the screen, so it is not bright in your face when you don’t want it. A simple press of a button and it brightens up to show all the information. This is a great computer if you are finding it is getting harder to read without Glasses!
The Oceanic VTX is air integrated, so using a transmitter on my Regulator first stage, my VTX gives me air pressure at a glance, and remaining air time as well. It has the ability to swap transmitters simply too. I also use the VTX as a back-up computer for my Hollis Explorer Re-breather. A push of two buttons and it’s done, I love that!
Nitrox is not a problem either, easy to set and use. You can also gas switch from mix to mix if you want to. I have found that great when using 50% Nitrox as a deco mix.
The VTX computer has user replaceable batteries, which is needed as the OLED screen does use a bit of battery power, using the battery saver settings works well to reduce that use a lot. I recommend adjusting the settings to do that. After the dive, you can Bluetooth your dive log to your smartphone too, using the Diverlog  program
Click here for more details and prices from Jetty Dive on the Oceanic Dive Computer

Please note: The picture above has imperial settings shown. It is adjustable to Metric!
Extended VTX information also from Oceanic website

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