Apeks AT20 Regulator with Occy

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APEKS AT20 with AT20 Octopus Deal is now at a great price! Great performance from a very well priced regulator set!

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The Apeks AT20 Regulator with Occy is the entry level Apeks regulator set with a great price. It combines the same configuration second stage as the reliable XTX series, as it was the predecessor to the XTX20. It was brought back to the lineup of Apeks regs due to it’s excellent value.

The AT20 is a high-performance regulator which boasts a balanced first stage coupled with a pneumatically balanced second stage. It’s smooth, quiet to breathe, and sure to enhance your diving enjoyment. It’s desined for water temperatures above 10°C

The Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece, with its patented bridge virtually eliminates jaw-fatigue

The Apeks AT20 Regulator with Occy is compatible with EAN40 out of the box. They come standard with Miflex Hoses.

First Stage:

  • The Apeks AT20 first stage is a balanced diaphragm type that offers consistent performance from start of dive until end of dive, regardless of depth.
  • The Apeks AT20 first stage has 1 HP port and 4 MP ports.

Second Stage:

  • The Apeks AT20 regulator has a pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing
  • The large purge button on the Apeks AT20 is easy to operate even with thick gloves.
  • The integrated venturi control provides a performance boost at depth while preventing unwanted freeflow at the surface.
  • An extremely efficient exhaust valve improves the breathing performance of the regulator
  • The Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw-fatigue
  • Offers a compact, integrated exhaust tee

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