Apeks Exotec BCD

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The Apeks Exotec BCD was designed to merge the scuba diver with their equipment. Apeks have designed a form fitting, intuitive BCD which is feature rich but still streamlined, making the BCD work with you as a diver.

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The Apeks Exotec BCD is full of features to improve your comfort and experience while wearing a BCD. With the alloy plate and BioReact articulation, experience the next level of comfort and adjustment to a rear-inflation BCD.

Big Features

The BCD is so feature rich it’s hard to know where to begin. It is a modular BCD, meaning all components and straps can be easily changed. Not only is this cost-effective, it’s much more environmentally friendly to repair rather than replace. The Exotec features a BioReact articulating waist, and a Wrapture harness system. These work in synergy to comfortably provide freedom of movement in the water, and distribute the weight of the BCD evenly when out of the water. Therefore, allowing you to stand and walk upright when out of the water. It’s made with GripTek fabric, which helps to keep the BCD in place on the surface and under the water. This is a feature to appreciate with a rear-inflation BCD.

The Exotec is super adjustable, which is why there are only 3 sizes! The backplate has 3 position heigh adjustment, which in tune with the adjustable waist and shoulders allows for perfecting the fit for anyone who wears it. Plus, it features swivel clips on the shoulder which allow comfort and flexibility. The bladder uses Armourguard fabric that Apeks uses on their Public Safety Diver products. This durable fabric does not absorb water, is faster drying, and provides abrasion resistance to the bladder. Plus, it has a reduced risk of bacterial growth due to the slick surface of the Armourguard.

The backplate is of anodized aluminium construction, which is strong and lightweight. It has a second back plate construction which sits flush with your lower back and pivots from the main backplate. This provides comfort and flexibility, and allows more in-water movement.

Little Features

The Exotect has a G-Hook system on the chest strap. This allows for one-handed attaching and detacjhing of the chest strap. It has 2 large pockets, which can fold flat to reduce drag when not in use. The Exotec utilises the Aqualung Surelock II weight release system, which allows your weights to securely “click” in, and release with a sharp tug allowing for emergency release. The  powerline inflator has integrated clips to keep the low pressure inflator hose tucked in. It also environmentally sealed. The BCD has 4 dump valves in total. Three of these are proprietary flat valves, which are streamlined and effective. The fourth of the valves is a dump valve on the upper left, an exhaust found at the top of the powerline inflator.

The bladder features a dual retraction system. This keeps the bladder streamline whether inflated or deflated, you can observe this in a picture in the image library.

Apeks Exotec BCD Features:

  • Modular changable parts
  • Armourguard fabric bladder construction
  • BioReact waist system
  • Wrapture harness system
  • GripTek fabric
  • Custom fit – Adjustable waist, shoulders, and backplate.
  • G-Hook chest strap system
  • 2 large foldable pockets.
  • Surelock II weight release system
  • Powerline inflator comes 3/8″ threaded quick-disconnect hose.
  • Anodized aluminium hardware
  • 4 dump valves.

Exotec Specifications

  • Lift Capacity:
    • 45lbs/20.4kg for Small-Med
    • 47lbs/21.3kg for Med-Large
    • 49lbs/22.2kg for XL-XXL
  • BCD Weight:
    •  Small/Medium 4.42kg
    • Medium/Large 4.47kg
    • X-Large/XX-Large 4.54kg

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