Aqualung Zephyr Flex Snorkel


The Aqualung Zephyr Flex Snorkel has a splash guard and purge valve that helps to eliminate water ingress and provides for easy clearing.



The Aqualung Zephyr Flex Snorkel combines rigidity with flexibility to provide dependability and comfort for divers and snorkellers.

Created with a blend of two materials, the snorkel is rigid to ensure structural integrity, but soft to allow for flexibility for diver’s comfort. It features an elliptical purge valve, making a seal against incoming water while maintaining easy purge function. This snorkel is also designed with a anatomically-designed silicone mouthpiece to reduce jaw fatigue, and a soft splashguard top to reduce water entry at the surface in choppy conditions.

It features an ergonomic snorkel retainer (snorkel keeper) which is easy to operate even if you’re wearing thick gloves.  The tube of the snorkel is corregated.

  • At the very heart of the snorkel is a shaped and protected silicone Elliptical Purge Valve: the shape of the valve guarantees sealing as well as ease of purging
  • The anatomically-designed mouthpiece made from medical grade silicone reduces jaw fatigue
  • The joint between the mouthpiece/valve box and the corrugate is a swiveling sealed connection that rotates for a better fit
  • The large snorkel retainer is very easy to use even with thick gloves, thanks to an ergonomically-designed structure
  • The D-barrel-shaped tube helps the Zephyr Flex rest more streamlined against the diver’s face
  • Integrated corrugation zone that allows for flexibility like a flex snorkel, but the rigidity of a non-flex
  • Patented Comfobite mouthpieces, which does not require the user to clench their teeth, eliminate jaw fatigue

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