BCD Retractor Holder

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BCD Retractor Holder by Oceanpro is ideal to hold gear close to your BCD.



BCD Retractor Holder

The Oceanpro BCD Retractor Holder is a great accessory to your BCD to connect and hold your accessories and especially Gauges to your BCD. This BCD Retractor Holder allows you to extend the equipment away from you to use it.

If you find it hard to see things close, but love to have your equipment close to your body, this will help you extend to see your gauges and then it will return close to your body.

If you need to extend it beyond your reach so you can see it clearly, you also need a new mask with Bifocal lenses so it is easy to read your gauges!

The BCD Retractor Holder is also ideal for securing small torches, slates and other accessories to your BCD.

The Retractor has a fine stainless steel wire cable and extends around 900 mm.

This model has a clip to attach to the BCD and a ring to allow you to connect through another ring or connection loop.


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