Cressi XS Compact Octopus Regulator


The Cressi XS Compact Octopus is a top performing compact Occy reg at a super affordable.

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Cressi XS Compact Octopus Regulator.

The Cressi XS Compact Octopus regulator is a top performing compact octopus reg at a great price. Perfect for travelling and general diving.

This Octopus XS Compact uses the same casing as the XS Compact model made from special hi-tech polymers, the only difference being the yellow front cover. All the parts of XS Compact, most of which are patented, can be found on this regulator.

The performance of this Cressi Compact Octopus is extremely high, although the calibration is regulated so that the inhalation effort is slightly greater than on the XS Compact, to prevent any self-regulating possibility when it is used as a spare regulator.


  • Compact shape reduces water drag
  • Purge button consumes nearly all the face
  • Made from incredibly lightweight materials

2nd STAGE XS Compact Octopus features:

This Regulator has asymmetrical perforation in the front cap. The flow of the water starts to push the diaphragm counter-clockwise so that its retraction is perfectly flat and the cam progressively descends perpendicularly, independent of conditions (currents, brisk movements, facial position, etc.). Exhalation effort is particularly reduced without having to reduce the thickness of the diaphragm. The design of the membrane retention system directs the 100% channeled flow towards the nozzles of the bow, taking advantage of a strong Venturi effect. Also, it works to direct the bubbles away from the diver’s field of vision.


  • Downstream system.
  • Adjustable Venturi effect.
  • Patented anti-friction lever.
  • Thermo-conductive technopolymer body.
  • Big purge button
  • Anti-scratch surface
  • Bayonet-type cap holder with security lock
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Removable exhaust tee without tools
  • Weight without hose: 4.9 oz / 140 gm
  • Comes complete with Rubber Hose

Packaged with a Primary Regulator in a great Cressi Regulator package .

Cressi aloso offer very affordable complete Scuba packages using this top quality Octopus and the Compact XS regulator set and Patrol BCD.  Check out their wrist watch size or full size computers too.

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