Oceanic Accel Universal Colour Fin Strap Kits

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Set yourself apart and customize your Fins! With 5 colors to choose from there are tons of possibilities!

Black Straps are unfortunately no longer available.

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Accel Universal Colour Fin Strap Kits

The Accel Universal Colour Fin Strap Kits unique, high-stretch design dramatically reduces the bulk and drag of typical open heel fins. This is all while being effortless to slip on and off. Simply grip the top of the elasticated strap and these straps will easily move where you want them to.

The colour kit comes with a small, triangle shaped piece of rubber. This small triangle fits in the end of the foot pocket of the Accel fins. It’s a great little way to customise your fins as you can pick a different coloured kit. You could even swap it with a mate’s and have mix and match colours. Obviously if buying the fin strap kit to use the straps on another type of fin, you wont have much use for this rubber bit.


These fin strap kits are designed for the accel fin. But the Accel also accepts standard quick-release buckle fin strap assemblies, like this one from oceanic. It’s important to note that the oceanic fin strap assembly is sold singularly. So at the point of writing this buying the colour kit is better bang for your buck – you get two straps for this price.

But what this also means is that the straps can fit just about any fin’s buckle post.

We find lots of people love the strap kit so much that they replace their standard open-heel’s buckles with the accel kit, lots of our divemasters have done so.


The Accel colour kits are available in Titanium, White, Aqua, and Pink, and we currently also have stock of the black.

These colours correlate directly to the colours throughout the oceanic range, in the accel fins and the shadow masks. The colours in images are not quite accurate, so match the colour of the fins or mask!

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