Oceanpro Jurien Junior Mask and Snorkel


The Oceanpro Jurien Junior Mask and Snorkel is a perfect set to introduce your little one into snorkeling with comfort!

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The Oceanpro Jurien Junior Mask and Snorkel is the perfect set for budding new snorkelers, ensuring your little one will have the highest level of comfort while embarking on their new adventure! The user friendly adjustable strap on the tempered glass Jurien Mask guarantee’s a perfect fit! Additionally, the dry snorkel valve  and purge chamber make sure of minimal water entry to keep your child’s experience as undisturbed as possible! To top it off? The Oceanpro Jurien Junior Mask and Snorkel comes in a bag for your convenience! With handles to make carrying easy, you are able to transport your snorkel set with ease!


The mask has a tempered safety lens for unparalleled clarity in the water. Made with a silicone skirting and adjustable straps, your child will have a water-tight seal ensuring no water will be leaking unexpectedly! Silicone skirting means that the quality will not deteriorate or lose its shape over time and use. Additionally, the mask buckles are user friendly and are easily-adjustable where attached to the strap, allowing the little ones to have an easy time taking it on and off! Not only does this mask come in bright colours for its aesthetic appeal, it is also very difficult to lose for this reason!


The Jurien Snorkel is equipped with features to allow your child the easiest possible experience. Its purge valve located at the bottom of the snorkel makes for easy drainage if there were to be any water that enters. Additionally, for those who are quick learners or “advanced” snorkelers, with the blow of one burst of air, the purge valve also allows for easy removal of any water. The dry valve located on top of the snorkel helps reduce water entry. Furthermore, the snorkel has an easy to use clip which attaches it to the mask!

  • Tempered safety lens
  • Silicone seal retains comfort, fit, and softness
  • Purge with chamber makes for easy clearing
  • Dry top reduces water entry
  • Suitable for kids aged 7-12
  • Available in Lilac or Lime

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