Zeagle OCTO-Z II Octopus/Inflator

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The Zeagle Octo-Z II is a dual Inflator and Octopus emergency air source.

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The Zeagle OCTO-Z II Octopus/Inflator is a dual Inflator and Octopus emergency air source.

The OCTO-Z II Alternate Air Source combine neatly into a compact, yet efficient package and is easily screwed onto an existing inflator hose with adapter included in the kit. Buttons are located in the correct position to feel comfortable when using them.

Features of the Zeagle OCTO-Z II Octopus/Inflator are listed here:

  • High flow Quick Disconnect connection for air supply suitable for breathing from Octopus. The unit comes complete with QD hose.
  • Corrugated hose can disconnect from the Octo-Z (So it can easily be stored with regulator.) This also allows the Octo-Z to be washed and soaked with the regulator in lieu of being washed with BCD.
  • Corrugated hose rinse connection. (Allows a garden hose to be connected to the BC for easy effective rinsing.)
  • Light but rugged design.
  • Balanced inflation valve, for easy use and precise BC fill-rate control. (The BC can be orally inflated through the Octo-Z’s mouthpiece.)
  • Both QD and corrugated hose fittings rotate (even under pressure) for easy, comfortable placement of the Octo-Z’s body.
  • Ergonomic placement and contrasting colors make the Inflate and Deflate buttons easy to find, distinguish and operate.
  • Other size hoses can be fitted to the Octo-Z on request. The standard hose connection is to suit the Zeagle and Atomic hoses. Easily fitted to the Ladies Zena BCD and Unisex Covert XT travel BCD.
  • Have a look at the Youtube video on removal of OCTO-Z II and cleaning for more details of the complete package.

Dive Testing the Octo ZII units:

We have tested these units and love the way we can remove the Octo-Z II and rinse with the regulators, rather than being washed. Whilst the unit is larger than an ordinary inflator, it is not bulky and works very well with the button position. Breathing from this as an emergency octopus regulator is not difficult.

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