Zeagle Zena & F8 Scuba Package

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The Zeagle Zena & F8 Scuba Package is a perfect package for women, as the Zena BCD is designed by women, for women. This package includes the Zena BCD, and the F8 Regulator 1st and 2nd stage. The F8 regulator is another great high performance product by Zeagle.


Zeagle Zena & F8 Scuba Package

The Zeagle Zena & F8 Scuba Package is a perfect package for women, as the Zena BCD is designed by women, for women. This package includes the Zena BCD, and the F8 Regulator 1st and 2nd stage, Envoy II Octopus, and Oceanpro SPG Complete. The F8 regulator is another great high performance product by Zeagle.

Zena BCD

The Zena has been designed by women specifically for women for better balance and comfort. The twin straps adjust to fit waist and hips independently, while the elastic front panels provide outstanding fit and comfort. Our patented PFS sizing system allows for the waist size, chest size, and torso length to be independently fitted.

This BCD has superior ability to fit different sizes. adjustments are simple and the design really suits the female shape.

Features of the Zeagle Zena Ladies BCD


  • The Elastic front panels with zipper closure for a comfortable, secure fit and a streamlined profile really make this BCD look and feel great.
  • Dual waistbands allow weights to be positioned below waist level for superior comfort and balance.
  • Component sizing fits waist, torso length, and chest size independently.
  • The rear-inflation style Aircell has a 15 kg lift capacity bladder.
  • The Dumpable weight system has a 10kg (24lb) capacity, with a Ripcord style weight system dump. No handles to get caught and weight pouches to loose!
  • The 7kg (16lb) capacity rear mount non dumpable weight system is attached to the tank band.
  • The Zeagle Zena Ladies BCD includes an Expandable mesh “Quick Pocket” at the waist area and has room to add other pouches or accessories with the strap system.
  • 4 Stainless Steel D-Rings are located in areas to allow for attaching additional equipment.
  • Dry Weight on the Zena BCD is a fantastic 2.8 kgs (6.2 lbs) which can double for a Travel BCD.
  • The front panel standard colors are: black, blue, grape, neon yellow, neon pink, floral white, floral blue, floral pink, and floral purple. Black, Floral Blue and Floral Purple are our standard colours, the others are available to order.
  • Color customization is available. You want a special colour? Zeagle can customize on special orders.

Check out this Youtube link of the Zeagle Zena on Youtube or watch below:

Zena Women's BCD from Zeagle Systems



Zeagle F8 Regulator

The Zeagle F8 yoke regulator is another high-performance product from Zeagle. Designed from a combination of durable brass and stainless steel in the first stage, and softer components in the second stage to provide comfort.  It’s a durable regulator that still has great features, and an awesome matte-black look.

1st Stage:

The first stage of the regulator is designed for durability and performance with a brass body, stainless steel HP Valve and neoflon seat. Throw any conditions at this yoke and it can handle them, with a balanced diaphragm and environmentally sealed ambient chamber. One of the key aims of this reg design is the focus to ergonomics, which shows in the redesign of the environmental seal cap and yoke knob. It’s a beautiful black brass and stainless steel combination.

2nd Stage:

The second stage is where ergonomics and comfort really come into play in the practical design of the F8. A soft silicone mouthpiece, co-moulded, fits comfortably in the mouth helping to prevent jaw fatigue.

For seamless breathing, the inhalation design has been reformed giving superior tear strength and immediate response to breathing using a low friction disk, with a super soft silicone moulded over the top. The exhaust valve is extremely efficient in expelling outflow and makes exhalation effortless.

A seat-saving orifice designed by Atomic Aquatics prevents any unnecessary wear and tear by retracting when not in use. It’s made from a soft-silicone moulded over a durable metal insert, the seal is airtight yet has the elasticity needed to prevent leaking.

The front cover has been redesigned bringing a new element of aesthetics to the design. This, along with the practicality the inhalation effort control lever gives you soft touch and easy control. Adjust your breathing preferences in the water with ease and precision.

It features a redesigned heat sink and inlet tube using a zirconium-plating to resist corrosion. The new design includes an increased surface area to aid the heat exchange between components to avoid freeze-up.

Zeagle F8 regulator Yoke Features:

  • Soft silicone ergonomic mouthpiece.
  • Durable materials across the design.
  • Co-moulding in multiple components.
  • New inhalation design for fast response time.
  • Improved exhaust valve.
  • Seat-saving silicone orifice.
  • Redesigned front cover and inhalation effort control knob.
  • Inlet tube and heat sink corrosion resistant with efficient heat transfer.
  • Brass body first stage.
  • Neoflon (PCTFE) seat.
  • Stainless steel HP valve.
  • Balanced diaphragm design.
  • Environmental seal cap and yoke knob.

Envoy II octopus

The economical Zeagle Envoy II Octopus has a Venturi Control Lever that allows the diver to set the octopus 2nd stage in the Pre-Dive position until needed. This pre-dive position is much more more resistant to Free-Flows that can sometimes result in significant air loss during a dive.


  • Downstream valve
  • Balanced Diaphragm
  • Dive/Pre Dive Venturi Control
  • Weight: .54 lb. (.26 kg) ( w/o hose)
  • Hose Length: 30 in. (.76 m)

Second Stage Materials
Cover: Flexible Thermoplastic
Case: Thermoplastic
Poppet Seat: Elastomer
O-rings: Buna-N
Diaphragm: Elastomeric Polymer
Exhaust Valve: Elastomer
Mouthpiece: Silicone

OceanPro Complete SPG

The Oceanpro Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) is compact, precise and dependable.  It has a back lit display which is easy to read, giving you peace of mind and more time to enjoy your diving. It is backlit with a luminescent face which is engineered to absorb light. This glows approximately 7 times faster and longer than other materials on the market. Not only is this useful in normal diving situations, you’re able to see it in the dark when cave diving or night diving. This ensures suitable for divers from beginner recreational right through to full-on technical divers.

There is also two places under the gauge where you can add a clip for extra security and clip it off on your harness system or BCD.

  •     Maximum pressure reading of 400 BAR.
  •     Nitrox compatible to 40% O2 straight out of the box.
  •     Shock resistant SPG Bourdon tube mechanism.
  •     Integrated one way safety valve.
  •    Has a 50 BAR Fluorescent caution zone – for when you’re getting too low.
  •     Comes with a 84 cm / 36″ High Pressure rubber hose in black.
  •     Proudly designed in Australia by Ocean Pro.

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